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Clinic world is a complete, cloud-based systems platform that is designed and built for hospitals and care systems. Our mission is to integrate AIs into the healthcare metrics, combining patient safety, hospital quality data, and engagement data, making the health system smart.

Our intuitive software, deep analytics, national and international benchmarks for hospital performance gives you unparalleled insights into what’s happening with your hospital culture and patient care.

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Employee Engagement

Digitally measure and evaluate hospital culture through eyes of your employees, quantify nurse communication and engagement, measure doctor satisfaction with new hospital initiaves and payroll structure, evaluate hospital culture through people who actually are responsible for rolling it out through your hospital. All through single-sign enabled and cloud-based infastructure.

Measure Patient Care Atributes

Meeting patients’ needs and earning better margins have become major focus areas for hospital executives facing payment pressures and the market shift towards value-based and patient-centered care. The patient IQ score is a succinct summary of your patient experience. See how your hospital performs over time, and how it compares to other hospitals.

Pulse Check and Culture

Through a proprietary algorithm conduct powerful pulse-based 360 degree surveys, intimate 1 on 1 reviews, and drive employee growth and patient safety with goal settng. Rotate the sample groups and questions to see trends throughout the year.

Patient Care

The 3 Elements You Need To Strengthen Your Culture of
Patient engagement and Improve Hospital Performance

The Tech Powered

The Tech Powered, Human Centric Way to Improve Patient Care Don’t be fooled into thinking hospital care or patient experience is intangible or mysterious. With our tools, the path to improving patient outcomes is clear.

We combine operational and strategic assessments into one flexible, transparency tool. When paired with your in-house strategy team, our benchmarks and attributes help hospitals and doctors transform from just another hospital into high-performance patient care.

We Understand

Patient Care Is

The 3 Elements You Need To Strengthen Your Culture of
Patient Engagement and Improve Hospital Performance

Fundamental to your mission

Related to how your staff engages with patient safety and hospital culture

Measurable, improvable, and manageable

Patient IQ and Hospital IQ provides every patient and every employee a voice and management of hospital the tools to listen, measure, and improve patient care